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  • Aurash Karimi
Gensbot is reinventing the way we shop online. In a digital age dominated by consumerism, where online shopping platforms are designed solely to keep us spending. AI empowers us to change this for the better.

The Problem with Online Shopping

Online shopping today is an endless cycle of consumption, using our data to market products with relentless efficiency. The online tools and communities we use encrusted with endless targeted ads which have become more a form of indoctrination than promotion. This model invades our privacy and encourages unnecessary spending. It is not designed as a means for us to efficiently find what we want to enhance our lives. It is designed to bombard us until we say yes. Maybe I do need a banana slicer, a glow-in-the-dark toilet seat, or even that alpaca-themed calendar for 2025. Who knew my life was incomplete without them.

A banana slicer, glow in the dark toilet seat, llama calendar

Our Mission at Gensbot

Gensbot is a platform where products are generated on demand based on individual requests. We challenge the traditional approach of mass production and mass marketing. We want to empower people to create their own unique style, make unique gifts and promote ideas with no design skills required.

We are dedicated to innovating what it means to shop online. Gensbot's interface is designed to simplify your experience, minimizing unnecessary distractions and focusing on what you truly want, not what's on sale. In our ideal world you'll be able to ask your virtual assistant for whatever you want and it materialises in front of you.

A futuristic virtual assistant in a future home

Join the AI Shopping Revolution

Together, let's transform online shopping into a personalized, empowering, and sustainable journey. Everything we spend our money on should be be tailored to our unique tastes. Stay tuned for updates as we continue to innovate and reshape the future of online shopping

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A Future Marketplace

A banana slicer, glow in the dark toilet seat and a llama calendar
A banana slicer, glow in the dark toilet seat and a llama calendar
A futuristic virtual assistant
A futuristic virtual assistant
People gathered around a futuristic marketplace
People gathered around a futuristic marketplace